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Serving And Laboring Together

SALT Agreement & Description

  • As part of my commitment to Trinity Lutheran School and my child’s education, I agree to complete my SALT requirement for the upcoming school year.

  • I understand the SALT charge of $500 per family or 25 hours will be reflected on my log sheet in the notebook in the office until I report my SALT hours for credit.

  • I understand that half the required hours are to be worked/paid and logged by January 31st. Balances will be added to the February tuition payment. Any unworked/or unpaid hours remaining by the end of April will be added to the May TADs payment.

  • I understand that I can choose to contribute financially to Trinity Lutheran School rather than through serving SALT hours by paying $500 (K-8) in the office.

  • I understand for SALT tracking purposes, the school year begins in June and ends in May.

  • I understand that the school wants my involvement and I am ultimately responsible for doing all I can to participate.

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