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Middle School

Open enrollment for the 2024/2025 school year begins March 11th

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Our school day is from 8:10am-3:10pm.

Middle school students at Trinity (6th-8th grade) can expect to serve as the leaders and encouragers of our school. Unlike the teachers in our elementary grades, our middle school teachers teach in their areas of specialty, so our middle school students move from class to class and become more independent in their learning. At the same time, our small class sizes ensure that no student is left behind. With small guided reading groups in literacy and the opportunity to take advanced math, each student is encouraged to reach their potential. Middle school students also work with specialists in technology, music, art, and physical education.


Rock On

The 6th graders at Trinity have the opportunity to attend Rock On. Students, teachers and chaperones travel to a Christian based camp near Eureka, MT each spring. Activities include: horseback riding, archery, wildlife encounters, forestry and water shed activities and Bible studies/worship each evening. Students come away with a new appreciation for themselves, each other, and all the wonderful things God has blessed us with.




Admissions  Process  

6th - 8th Grade:

1. Call the school.

2. Schedule a campus tour / Meet with the Principal

3. Meet your child’s prospective teacher

4. Bring copies of testing from current school or complete the following testing: ​

  • Aims Web reading & math

  • If your student has an IEP, or similar plan, please bring the most recent copy

5. Begin filling out your Application for Enrollment online. You will submit the first portion, then be emailed a link to complete your application which ends in an online non-refundable payment of the Registration Fee

6.You are now registered for 6th-8th Grade! You will receive your TADs online tuition agreement by email and will hear from the teacher in August to set up a home visit

Finalizing your Admission

Immunization Records - all grades submit first year attending and after additional vaccines before Kindergarten and 7th grade OR notarized Exemption 

Birth Certificate (all grades - first year attending)

Records Release Form (1st-8th grade - Parents must sign)

Food Allergy & Allergy Action Plan Form (if applicable)

Scholarship applications (if applicable)

  •      April 25th – current families deadline 

  •      May 25th – new families 1st deadline

  •      July 25th – new and current families final deadline

  • You will receive your TADS Financial Agreement by email in mid-June. Tuition payments must begin in August with the following payment options:

    10 payments (Aug-May)

    4 payments (Aug, Nov, Feb & May) 

    2 payments (Aug & Feb)

    1 payment (Aug)   3% reduced

Please contact the admissions department with any questions:

Heidi Hagemeier Phone: (406)257-6716 or (406)407-0638


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