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Pre - Kindergarten

Apply today for the 2024/2025 school year

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Red Group       Mon/Wed/Fri  8:10-11:10am

Green Group   Tues/Thurs  8:10-11:10am    Wed 12-3pm

Blue Group      Tues/Thurs/Fri  12-3pm

Pre-kindergarten at Trinity Lutheran School is a fun, happy place full of opportunities to explore our world with hands-on learning in a safe nurturing Christ-centered environment. At Trinity Lutheran, we know that children learn through play, observation and investigation. Each child is valued as an individual learner who is full of ideas and eager to learn. The experienced pre-kindergarten teacher creates open-ended lessons to support inquiry and curiosity. 

Families receive student feedback through digital photos and videos based on the child’s development. 


Our pre-kindergarten class offers a small class size with no more than 16 students with a teacher and an assistant.

Students entering pre-kindergarten need to be 4 years old by September 10,

and be fully potty trained. 


Admissions  Process  


1. Call the school.
2. Schedule a campus tour / Meet with the Principal
3. Meet your child’s prospective teacher
4. Begin filling out your Application for Enrollment online. You will submit the first portion, then be emailed a link to complete your application which ends in an online non-refundable payment of the Registration Fee
5. You are now registered for Pre-K! You will receive your TADs online tuition agreement by email and will hear from your teacher in August to set up a home visit

Finalizing your Admission

Immunization Records - all grades submit first year attending and after additional vaccines before Kindergarten and 7th grade OR notarized Exemption ​
Birth Certificate (all grades - first year attending)
Food Allergy & Allergy Action Plan Form (if applicable)
You will receive your TADS Financial Agreement by email in mid-June. Tuition payments must begin in August with the following payment options:
    10 payments (Aug-May)
    4 payments (Aug, Nov, Feb & May) 
    2 payments (Aug & Feb)
    1 payment (Aug)   3% reduced
Please contact the admissions department with any questions:
Heidi Hagemeier Phone: (406)257-6716 or (406)407-0638

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