Intervention Services

Trinity supports the educational potential of each student as an individual and strives to maintain a multi-tier system of interventions for our Pre-School through eighth grade students. Highly-trained instructional assistants in Pre-School through second grade classrooms work together with teachers during key lessons ensure immediate reinforcement of skills, and our Response to Intervention [RtI] Coordinator offers a wide-range of both inclusive and exclusive instruction to meet distinct student needs. A Reading Specialist is on-site.

ACE Prep: Academic Connections and Enrichment [ACE] Prep services our older students as they encounter learning challenges and require strong support. The RTI Coordinator works directly with teachers and families to tailor classroom instruction to meet the varied needs of students. ACE Prep will be offered as an elective during the 2016-2017 school year.

 Support staff offer interventions both inside and outside of the classrooms and work closely with teachers and parents to provide the highest effective educational practices for students. The RTI Coordinator couples consistent student progress monitoring with careful evaluation of daily work to adjust and enhance all interventions. Students receive individualized learning plans.

Student intervention services at TLS currently include [but are not limited to]:
Read Naturally Live [RNL]: A web-based fluency program for first through eighth grade, RNL uses leveled, non-fiction texts to help students reach individual reading goals. RNL is highly motivating and engaging. The program also includes fall, winter, and spring screenings to monitor student progress.
Phonics For Reading/REWARDS: Often taught in conjunction with RNL, Phonics for Reading [first through fourth grade] and REWARDS [fourth through eighth grade] offers strategic phonics practice for reluctant readers. Phonics instruction, while intensive, is delivered in a challenging, problem-solving format to encourage student achievement.

Read Well: Designed specifically with intervention students in mind, Read Well promotes a comprehensive balance among phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Weekly skill checks guide instruction and learning.

Explode the Code Half Series/Beyond Explode the Code: Providing additional support for a student who needs extra practice with basic phonics skills, the Explode the Code Half Series directly corresponds to decoding strategies taught in class. Beyond Explode the Code offers increased phonics practice with a comprehension component.

RED [Read Every Day] Group: What better way to assist families than to ensure quality, best-fit books are provided to take home each day for reading practice at home? RED Group simply meets with an instructional assistant each day to choose best-fit books to take home, read with family members, and bring back to school the next day. Every student who qualifies for intervention services at Trinity participates in RED Group.

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