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"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen."

2 Peter 3:18

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Meet the Masters

Art has traditionally been integrated into classrooms by the classroom teacher, but for the upcoming year, we sought out experts to help us launch an Art Masterpiece Program.

Concordia Chicago has provided a full Art Masterpiece Curriculum.  “Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories, a tool to promote visual literacy through artwork. Recognizing visual cues in a work of art as well as being aware of the times and conditions in which an artist lived enables students to better interpret its imagery, draw conclusions about its effectiveness, and speak critically about the art.
Art education research indicates students enjoy a richer art experience and improved visual comprehension when the following four disciplines are included in the art experience: Art History (the study of past artists), Art Aesthetics (response to art), Art Criticism (discussion of art using art vocabulary), and Art Production (hands-on making of art).

Meet the Masters Curriculum

“Learning – With Meet the Masters, the study of each artist begins with a  multi media presentation where students learn about the fascinating lives, background and culture of the artist and the world he lived in.

Practice – The second component of Meet the Masters includes worksheets, which reinforce the assembly material. Students practice the techniques that made the art unique.

 Project – In the final step of Meet the Masters, students create their own masterpiece in the same medium, style or subject matter as the master artist.

Meet the Masters Integration with other Disciplines
History:  Homer, Picasso, Mondrian, Remington, Miro, Lawrence,
Chagall, Ringgold, Rockwell, Michelangelo, Kahlo, Da Vinci and Bonheur.
Literature:  Cassatt, Homer, and Ringgold.
Geography:  Cassatt, Rembrandt, Chagall, Remington, Hokusai, Ringgold,
Gauguin, Cezanne, Seurat, Hopper, Martinez, O’Keeffe, Mondrian and Kahlo.
Music:  Klee, Van Gogh, Mondrian, Da Vinci, Cassatt, Degas, Picasso and Renoir.
Science:  Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Bonheur, Calder, Seurat, Martinez, O’Keeffe,
Van Gogh, Rousseau, Wood, Matisse and Klee.
Math / Geometry:  Rockwell, Picasso, Calder, O’Keeffe, Degas, Picasso,
Rockwell, Escher, Cezanne and Mondrian.
Reading:  All 35 artists.
Performing Arts:  Matisse, Cassatt, Warhol, Lawrence, Klee,
Toulouse-Lautrec and Degas.
Writing:  Rockwell and Ringgold.”  ( www.meetthemasters.com)

Drama 4-8 
Trinity’s optional afterschool drama program has become popular and is led by faculty specializing in theater arts. The TLS Drama Club provides creative instruction in chorography, other theatrical skills. In addition to Drama Club, Trinity students of all ages perform Bible stories and lead messages throughout the year in chapel.  High School Prep students will also have the opportunity to create their own Christian Broadcasts.

Missoula Children's Theater.Each year students perform at the theater in Bigfork.  Students audition and receive private coaching for fantastic performance at school.


Starting in kindergarten students learn to sing on key, read and write musical notation
Second grade students take piano lessons
Third graders take violin lessons
Fourth graders take recorder lessons
Fifth grade and up are required to take band and choir for at least one quarter, and then have the option of another elective.

Physical education 

Physical Education (PE)  is provided weekly. PE is part of the TLS curriculum from Kindergarten through grade 8. We help students develop physical competence through movement activities, and positive attitudes. Physical exercise helps to improve the mental alertness, academic performance, readiness, and enthusiasm for learning.

Afterschool Clubs

Archery Club 4th -8th grade

Drama Club(free) 4-8th  grade

NASA Aero KIDS CLUB 1-2nd grade

4H Veterinary Science CLUB  3-5th grade

Aikido (fee based) 5-8th

Financial Peace Junior (Ramsey) 3-8th grade

KinderFit Literacy Club  K-2nd

Mosaic Tile Club  5-7th grade

Zumba Kids Club 3-7th grade

Math Lab Club 4-8th grade

Rocketry 5th-8th grade

Robotics 6th-8th grade

4H Cooking Club

Athletic Cross Training Club 2nd - 8th grade

Clubs Rotate by Quarter

Got Talent?  We are seeking volunteers to lead a club on a quarterly basis they may be free or fee based (e.g., fees go to you and for supplies). 

Trinity Lutheran Camp
Camp is a special retreat located right on Flathead Lake in Bigfork.  It is designed to deepen relationships, make memories, and grow spiritually. Camp days are filled with teaching, singing, playing, and hanging with friends.

Crusaders! Sports
TLS provides a range of opportunities for sports for grades 5-8, such as volleyball, basketball, cross country, and partners with community associations for football.  Currently, TLS is researching opportunities with other community partners to join forces to expand our Junior High Academy.

Outdoor Education with a Christian World View

Every grade level participates in a range of outdoor educational experiences from ropes courses, camping, rock climbing, swimming, fishing, hiking, gardens, and more!  We love to celebrate God's creations!

Trinity Lutheran Childcare

After school care is  on site.  High quality care is available  by professionally trained Christian staff.
Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and do not stop them because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Trinity Lutheran Child Care Center believes that children are a gift from God and that each child is God’s unique creation. Therefore, the primary mission of the Center is, with the Spirit’s help, to bring children into the kingdom of God. We intend to do this by maintaining a warm, loving, stimulating, and Christ-centered environment with planned activities appropriate to young children and their developmental stages.

Trinity Lutheran Child Care
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