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High Quality Early Education ( PreK 4-5)
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TLS preK has an exceptional reputation in the Flathead Valley. Our lead teacher is an expert in early learning. TLS preK staff inspire a love for Jesus and through daily devotions we prepare students for TLS kindergarten.  Young children love nature and are given many exciting opportunities to appreciate the natural world God has created. The needs of the whole child are served as the class balances the development and refinement of spiritual, social, emotional, physical, language, and early reading through developmentally appropriate practices.

Stewardship is an important concept our children should learn early in life.  We will collect a Mission Offering weekly.  The Pre-Kindergarten offering will be added to the rest of the school’s weekly offering from chapel.  Encourage your child to be a giving person and to remember that even if it may be a small offering that it counts big. 


Setting the standard in early education 2017-2018
Featuring our “
Reggio  Inspired”  Pre-Kindergarten

Reggio inspired classrooms are renowned worldwide as the best pre-kindergartens in the world. We empower early learners in a Christ based environment to think, question, investigate  as curious & capable learners through project based learning. We help early learners navigate the journey of joyful learning through purposeful projects, communication,  documentation inspiring developmentally appropriate literacy, language and math skills.

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FULL DAY K and half day options.
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TLS Classically Christian in the 21st Century!
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Trinity Lutheran Elementary School will present a Bible-based, Christ-centered and Heaven-directed program to mold and build the life of a child.  See Trinity School Parent/Student Handbook for “A Credo on Christian Education.”

 Trinity Lutheran Pre-Kindergarten will provide a Christ-Centered, safe and developmentally appropriate environment for your Pre-Kindergartener.  We plan to meet these needs by providing a Christ-centered learning environment to meet individual needs, by encouraging development and learning through a set daily schedule, and having a well integrated program developed to meet the language, cognitive, social/emotional and physical needs of your child. 
The teacher will assess the Pre-Kindergartener’s individual learning and development throughout the year and will keep parent’s informed on their child’s accomplishments and needs. It is not unusual for a Pre-Kindergartner to develop quickly in one or more areas and slower in another.  Many areas need to be developed at these early years and every child in every stage develops at different rates.  In most cases, development comes with exposure and time.  Pre-Kindergartner’s cannot be forced to learn these new skills but can be given the time needed with a rich & stimulating environment to learn in. These early childhood years are exciting and powerful years for building positive attitudes towards learning and school.