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"A Classical Christian Education .... And a Whole Lot More!"
Classically Christian in the 21st Century!

At Trinity a Classical Christian Education is Direct, Explicit, Engaging and Fun!

We view curriculum as a resource.  For nearly 60 years, we have provided the basics and direct instruction of a Classical Christian Education. Firmly, we believe that we have the best formula for a Christian School in the 21st Century.  We've balanced engaging 21st Century activities in which the foundation has been built on a balanced direct instructional Classical Christian Approach.

What is a Classical Christian Education?

 "The Trivium" comes from the Latin prefix “tri” meaning “three and the Latin root “via” meaning “way.” There are three main stages of development in Classical Christian Education.  The Grammar, Logic –Dialectic/ Rhetoric is the stages students go through as they progress in that order according to brain development. Children begin in the stage of brain development that classicists term the grammar stage which extends through fifth grade.  We believe students begin to explore logic, reasoning, and dialect earlier with overlap in upper elementary grades.  Subsequently, we have introduced a Junior Logic Stage for 3-5th graders.   The Trivium.... is really “The New Old Way"

Grammar School Stage (K-5th)

Children have an absorbent mind with the ability to memorize and internalize a great amount of information quickly, especially in PreK-3rd grade. Rote skill mastery is paramount in core subject areas with automaticity.  These skills will be required in the hierarchy of overall development in later developmental stages. 

Junior Logic – (3rd-5th grade)     Logic Stage – (6th -8th)

 Children will then progress to the stage termed Logic which may overlap into areas of with dialectic refinement in sixth - eighth grade leading to the Rhetoric Stage.  This is when students really start to communicate and express themselves through written and verbal communication.  In fact, everything turns into an argument, negotiating, through reasoning.  

Dialectic/Rhetoric- Advanced 8th graders – High School

 Finally, students move into the Rhetoric stage where independent thinking, powerful discourse, self-expression, increase significantly through the powerful foundation which has been internalized in earlier stages. Students engage in case studies, and research at high levels with integrated presentation skills.   

We've added more structure to our Classical Christian Curriculum including Latin offerings during clubs and electives at all grade levels.  Additionally, 7th-8th grade students have the opportunity to take Traditional Logic and Latin.  Students have the opportunity to engage in Strategic Seminars, and Junior Great Books Discussions to build a foundation for the Rhetoric Stage.

Classical Curriculum Resources at Trinity:

Christian Religion Curriculum, Bible, Memory Work / Verses (all grades)

Saxon Math- Direct Instruction with guided math centers

Rocket Math - Research based systematic approach to fact mastery

Reading Street & Fountas & Pinnell Balanced Guided Reading

Shurely English - Direct Instruction Grammar/English

Explicit Phonics Instruction - Direct Instruction and guided centers

Phonics for Reading, Spelling Connections - Direct Instruction

Strategic Seminars - Junior Logic/Logic Stage - The Art of Thinking/Logic

Junior Great Books - The Art of Thinking / Junior Logic/Logic / Dialectic

Latin Christiana- Primary levels - 8th grades (Beginning Latin)

Traditional Logic Course - The Art of Thinking – 7/ 8th Grade

Classic Novel Studies, High Quality Literature, & Robust Vocabulary

History & Science Subject Matter Integrations through seminars, debates and more.

Classical Music Training - Note reading, vocal training, violin, choir, piano, band

Classical Art Masterpiece - Art history, Art lessons based on the Great Masters with time period specific music history integrations.

21st Century Integrations: 
 Google Chromebooks, SmartBoards, IPADS, Robotics, Computer Coding, Computer Applications, Digital Video Making, Christian Leadership / Stewardship, Beginning Engineering, Science, Technology Classes, and Genius Time. 

High Tech Research Based Software Programs to Support Core Area Development and Homework Practice.


"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen."

2 Peter 3:18

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